About Me

Michael Gambetta

My Journey

Early Inspiration

Being creative and using my imagination has always been a big part of who I am. Ever since I was a kid I would put my creativity to use whether I was playing outside, inside, with friends, or on a video game.

Inspired by the way mobile phones and apps worked and were designed, I saw an opportunity to step into a career that would allow me to use my creativity and imagination. In 2015 I took my first coding course. These were very beginning steps and only taught the basics. I noticed this pattern as I continued through my college career.

The courses were only covering the foundational parts, and hardly ever had design assignments or something more visual/artistic. It was more logical and mathematical, which was still a huge benefit to learning how to be a developer. However, the projects and material wasn’t enough to build a fully functioning frontend and backend for a website or application.

Gaining Traction

As I took more coding classes, I finally came across a web design course that was much more visual. You would type some code and you would see the result in your web browser. This was awesome to me because I finally saw the opportunity to design and get creative. Since it was only an elective course and lasted one semester, I took it upon myself to learn how to build websites using code while I finished my software development degree.

Fast forward to 2020, I really started expanding my portfolio. I had been at a company full time making websites for their clients for over a year. I was getting an opportunity to develop a website here and there in my free time for my own clients, but I knew in order to gain more traction, I had to pick a category, or often a “niche” in business and marketing.

That’s when I started reaching out and offering web design services to automotive detailers. The results and opportunities were great. I met some awesome business owners who I still work with regularly.

This also inspired me to build my first software application which is available for free on the web for auto detailers to use. It took many late nights and early mornings, but in January 2021 a fully functioning software was launched.

In Full Force

After making my portfolio dense with projects, more opportunities came to create websites for all sorts of businesses. From roofing companies and contractors to event hosts and cryptocurrency creators, the experiences lead to a much more expanded portfolio.

Today I offer website and web application development services for all types of businesses. Contact me with some information about you and your services and I can put something together for you with quick turnaround time.